Stepping Up Ceremonies & Second Grade Graduation

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As we approach the end of the school year, we would like to share some information about our upcoming Stepping Up Ceremonies in Pre-K and Kindergarten and the Second Grade Graduation.

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Pre-K Stepping Up

Tuesday, June 20 @ 9:00 AM

Pre-K 203—Ms. Skopelitis

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Kindergarten Stepping Up

Thursday, June 22 @ 8:45 AM

K-201—Ms. Santora / Ms. Milner & K-302—Ms. Rodriguez

Thursday, June 22 @ 9:45 AM

K-301—Ms. O’Neil & K-303—Ms. Juarez

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Second Grade Graduation

Friday, June 23 @ 8:45 AM

2-406—Ms. Lathourakis / Ms. Monge 

 2-402—Ms. Rojas

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students for their academic and social achievements and to thank the parents for their support, collaboration and community spirit! 

Making the Band, The Musical

Our musical extravaganza, Making the Band, premiered on May 23-25, 2023 with five performances and all were received with great enthusiasm from our 400 school community members in attendance. Making the Band was presented by our second grade students and directed by our theater teacher, Ms. Kirsten Kammermeyer and our music teacher, Mr. Jason Albertson.  Our children worked very hard on the music, choreography, script, lyrics and all the “ingredients” that make up a performance.  Kudos to Ms. Kammermeyer and Mr. Albertson. This was truly a Broadway production!

Making the Band, The Musical

Studio in a School Art Exhibitions

This school year we were most fortunate to have two Studio in a School Art Exhibitions for our kindergarten, first and second grades. Classes 1-306, 1-407 and Second Grade Classes’ Exhibition was titled Imaginary Animal Clay Sculptures and Tempera Paintings and held on Thursday, May 4. Kindergarten Classes and Class 1-408’s Exhibition was titled Flower Collages and Garden Paintings and held on Friday, May 5.

Our students have been participating in the Studio in a School Visual Arts Residency Program for the past 10 weeks. Both exhibitions were well attended and received a number of accolades.

Family Fitness Night

This year, we hosted our Family Fitness Night on Friday, April 28. Our Physical Education Teacher, Ms. Irene Bastas, organized the event by placing various fitness stations throughout the multipurpose room and scheduling relay races and a Zumba routine. The P.S. 222 administration and staff considers this event to be a great way to reinforce healthy practices from school to home and educate families about the importance of physical fitness.  Over 75 parents and their children attended the event and had a great deal of fun.

Multicultural Night

P.S. 222’s Multicultural Night was aimed at educating our students to respect other cultures and to celebrate the cultural diversity of the community of Jackson Heights. Conducting a cultural activity night has always been an important goal of our school. We are proud of the variety of cultural backgrounds our students have brought us. Multicultural Night benefits our children and prepares them to be future global citizens.

Nineteen countries were represented, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, India, Myanmar/Burma, Phillipines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Peru, United States and Uruguay. The parents from these countries presented their ethnic heritage to the students and families of our school community. There were storytellers, musicians, dancers, artists and volunteers that were able to bring in a dish from their country. Our students were very engaged and excited with this hands-on learning experience of places around the world.