About us

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P.S. 222Q opened its doors on September 7, 2002. Since that time it has developed into one of the most extraordinary places of early childhood learning in the entire city of New York.

The principal and staff members take great pride in P.S. 222Q family’s distinct spirit of cooperation and collaboration. It is this spirit that enables all the school’s constituencies to move forward to achieve their clearly delineated educational goals and objectives, which benefit the entire school community.

The school’s mission is to challenge their students in a culturally affirming, inclusive and nurturing early childhood environment to meet their full academic potential. With equity in mind, P.S. 222Q aspires for each student to receive the resources and educational opportunities they need to learn and thrive through a high quality curriculum and a strong team of teachers, administrators and service providers. The school addresses their students’ social and emotional growth through continued guidance and monitoring, including varied strategies and supportive measures.

Instructional Programs at a Glance


We implement a new reading program, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Into Reading/Arriba La Lectura!, to provide a flexible approach to balanced literacy in order for students to engage in small group discussion and deepen comprehension using award winning books that are diverse and leveled.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Into Reading Writing Workshop allows us to implement a method of instruction that is student centered, process driven and collaborative. Writing Workshop makes explicit instruction, activities and routines for every stage of the writing process, extensive teacher modeling and tips and digitally projectable instruction at point of use.


We implement the Go Math curriculum, a balanced mathematics program that offers students a coherent syllabus addressing conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and daily problem-solving work.

Science/Social Studies

In science, a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to learning is emphasized through the use of Amplify Science. Our social studies program, NYC Passport to Social Studies, allows students to make sense of the world in which they live, make connections between major ideas and their own lives and see themselves as active members of our society.

Music, Theater, Visual Arts

Our Art Program offers music, theater and visual arts for all students K-2 with our teaching staff implementing the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

Physical Education & Dance

Students K-2 receive physical education in keeping with the mandates using the SPARK Program that includes 10 dynamic instructional units aligned to NASPE National Standards.

Supplemental Programs

Dual Language Program

We follow a 50/50 rollercoaster model for instruction with English Language Learners (ELLs) and English Proficient students (EPs) working   cooperatively and serving as language role models for each other.

Schoolwide Enrichment (SEM)

Our SEM Program is a research supported instructional model of education that incorporates a wide variety of differentiated strategies with students choosing their own  research theme/topic and working with a small cohort of students with similar interests.

We hold a number of special events: 9/11 Commemorative Walk; Family Fun Nights celebrating the work in content-area study, i.e. Literacy, Math, Physical Education; Character Hat/Halloween Day Parade; Dr. Seuss’ Birthday/Pajama Day; Science Fair; Earth Day Parade; Music Concerts; Theatrical Performances; Art Exhibitions.

Our 9/11 Commemorative Walk is dear to our hearts as our school is named after FF Christopher A. Santora who perished on 9/11.  On the day of the walk, our students hold an American flag and wear a firefighter’s hat and Christopher’s t-shirt. It is a solemn day imbued with the spirit of hope, courage, and resiliency—the American way!

We may be small, but we do things in a BIG way!