P.S. 222’s Comprehensive Educational Plan

New York State Education Law states that School Leadership Teams (SLTs) must be in place in every New York City School. They take part in school-decision making and help to shape school culture. A key role for SLT’s is to develop the School Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP).

The School Leadership Team meets on the third Monday of the month from September to June. The team consists of a total of 10 members which includes the Principal, PTA President, UFT Chapter Chairperson, 1 teacher, 1 paraprofessional, 1 school aide and 4 parents. The agenda is set by the team and a number of items are discussed and decided upon through consensus. For the 2022-2023 school year, the following school goals have been set by the team:

ELAStrengthen ELA (English Language Arts) instruction by…  
· Continuing the success of the Heggerty Program introduced last year to build phonics skills
· More focused collaborative planning in grade level teams to help children reach reading goals
MathStrengthen math instruction by…  
· Introducing the Acadience Program to help identify and offer resources to children who need the most support  
· Continuing to engage children in a way that encourages critical thinking and takes into account all the different ways that children learn math
ScienceStrengthen science instruction by…  
· Using hands-on science activities to help children understand why the natural world works the way it does
Supportive EnvironmentDevelop our students social emotional skills by…  
· Fusing the Sanford Harmony Program with Yale’s RULER Social Emotional Learning lessons to widen our scope teaching children to identify and self-regulate their emotions
CEP Goals for 2022-2023