Habits of Mind

This year, we are embedding the Habits of Mind within our Into Reading Literacy Program and into the entire curriculum. There is a growing recognition that mastering subject-area knowledge alone will not be sufficient to prepare our children for their futures. They will need consistent practice and renewed attention to grow their capacity as strategic thinkers to increase or enhance their ability to complete the work in the classroom.

Habits of Mind is a universal framework for thinking. Habits of Mind are skills people use when confronted with problems and situations to which answers are not immediately apparent. When students draw upon these habits of mind, the results of the work produced are more powerful, of higher quality and of greater importance than if they fail to make use of these intellectual behaviors.

Below is a chart of the 16 Habits of Mind described in student-friendly language.

The 16 Habits of Mind in Student-Friendly Language

Below is a chart of the 16 Habits of Mind for parents.

The 16 Habits of Mind